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Every woman is beautiful in her own way, it is the eyes of the loved ones who see the attraction in the face of a wife, mother, girlfriend, friend or daughter. Every woman has a right to go the salon every month to get themselves clean and it helps them in staying up to date. Grooming is the essential need of all the women around the world. It gives them a sense of satisfaction and confidence to move around the society. It also helps in bringing out the inner glow of the skin and make appearance more beautiful and attractive.

An ideal Place for Women:

No 13beauty avenue is an ideal place for all those women who loves themselves and like to stay fit and groomed. We have been successfully providing our services for 15 years. We have been operating our salon in Sydney city. We provide world class services at our salon. We have been offering almost all the services that other salons are offering. The difference between us and other salon is that we believe in delivering quality. We do not compromise on the brands of the products used at our salon. We do not use products that has high chemicals which temporary gives the prominent results but if we see in long term, it damages the skin and produce inflammation on the skin.


Following are the services that we are offering at no13 beauty avenue.

  • Face Treatments:

We provide multiple services that are related to face. We have different facials that lifts up the face, removes the dirt and dead skin from the outer layer and brings out the inner shining on the skin. We also provide whitening facials.

  • Massages:

We have different massages for different clients. The choice of massage is solely depends, upon the requirements of the clients. We provide relaxation massage using different natural oil. Few clients ask for shoulder massage, some ask for half body massage and some are in favour of full body massage.

  • Spray Tan:

It is an exclusive service that we are offering. Not all the salon has this service. The purpose of spray tan Double Bay is to cleans the skin in a way that it leaves the skin shiny and glowing. It gives natural glow to the skin for along period of time. It removes all the dirt particles from the skin.

  • Waxing:

It is also an essential need of every woman. A woman usually goes for waxing every bi-monthly. We provide all the waxing Surry Hills. The wax which we use is chemical free and have honey and lemon in it. Honey cleanses the skin and lemon brightens the colour of the skin and also remove dead cells.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment now and get ready for taking exclusive services from our experienced staff.

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