Repairing A Stone Wall

Hiring a professional for getting the work of stone repair done is something that should only be done by them and not by own. This is due to the fact that stone repair work is something that needs some careful and thorough understanding of processes which cannot be done by any common man. Let’s find out what exactly a stone repair process consists of.

  1. Reviewing the Damage

The first step of stone repairing process is to review and assess how much the damage has been done. Whether it’s big or small, you should only focus on the part that has been damaged in order to keep the budget down. Although, this may sound easier than you think that just working on the damaged part is what one needs to do but in actual, that is the most tricky part because identifying when to stop is something one  needs to pick.

  1. Finding the Right Match

Once you have assessed the damage and are beginning the actual process of replacement or repairing of stone, you need to figure out the right match that would be suited with the remaining placed stones. Start by going to regional or local quarry and if not found, you can also visit the masonry suppliers in the area you live at. When finding the right match, you need to consider the dimension and colors that would suit your needs.

  1. Removing the Damaged Part

Identifying the damaged stone could probably be easy for some but taking it out is one of the trickiest process. If you require to remove the damaged stone, you need to marks that area and cut the stone but not the mortar joint. Once the stone has been removed, clean the area so that you are able to fit the repaired or replaced stone easily.

  1. Cutting the Stone

When you are cutting a new stone, there is a lot to be taken into account. One; cutting and shaping the stone should be done in such a way where it matches the required and desired space. Second; taking care of the texture is something that shouldn’t be missed as it should work with the other fitted stones.

  1. Surface

Working with the surface is something that is required as a crucial part of the stone repairing process. One should choose from the below stated types of processes which matches your needs and texture of any of the building of stone you are working on.

  • Split face
  • Margined split face
  • Pointed surfaces
  • Tooth chiseled
  1. Setting

The last step of the entire stone repairing process is to set the repairs in order to give the wall or floor a final look. Once the setting up process has been completed, you need to make sure that excess mortar is cleaned from the joint to give a neat look.

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